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Since 15 May 2001
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This Section gives you an ability to track your clients' orders for food, drinks , print and scans etc. Services which you give in your cafe. Cliens are able to make any order form the menu on the Client PC. These orders will be notified to the cashier by voiced and vision. Every order will be kept in order Section until is delivered and removed by the cashier.

    The cost of requested goods is added to the user's account after delivery. User's orders are charged together with the usage fee. However order expenses can be viewed separately on the payment dialog. For more information on "how to establish order menu in server " please click here.


When a client makes an order, all informations, which is related to the ordered product and client, such as ; ( user name, client name, PC name etc. ) comes to order Section of the Server directly. If the order was served to client or table, forthe purpose of charge addition, please come to on ordered product and click right button on mouse. In this way ordered product will be added to client account.

If the order is not served at all, form same place and same way you can cancel added price form the server. If the ordered made by voice form any table or PC user, you move on the server's Connections Section and symbolics branch than go to order made PC and add this product on left.

In spite of any order made form a table, by adding any name or table number on orders Section in server you will be able to account all bills separately. In this way you can make unlimited occounts in your server.

If an order is not served to the client for any reason, cancellation of order or charge addition can be made form current process Section in EasyCafe server by right clicking on ordered but not served product than applying not served or not realised command. Thus mistakenly made orders can be keep in out of client account

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