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Since 15 May 2001
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      In Connections tab you will be able to watch conditions and status of all Clients in your cafe. Under the Connections tab are 4 separate viewing modes. If you like to make any change just make a right click on any PC symbol which PC you want to do by selecting form menü and preform the needed operation.

    In this Section, you are also able to make a login or logout for any user in PC. Accounting bill and other process is now very easy by right clicking on PC symbol and choosing of any process which one you want to do.

There are several tabs under the right click menu according to the conditions.

     Login: is the standart login for internet user.

       Login means that user does not have time and internet restrictions. Used time will be accounted at the bill calculation. A PC which is opened as a normal login can be logged out by Pay the Bill or Logout command. If a Client is logged out by Logout command it means that bill is not ended up and it will be written to Unclosed Payments. When a client comes to pay his bill you have to take bill into account by Pay Out command instead of Logout command, If a Client opened by normal login is logged out by Logout command the account will remain unclosed. Therefore the next user will have to pay for the previous user.

     Special login: Prepaid Limited Login;
In this login client will be charged before usage for certain amoun of time. After limited time expires client's PC will be shut down automotically. But client will be always able to extend his use time by asking form cashier or administrator.

       Special Login: After Use Payment Limited Login ;
This Section almost the same with prepaid limited login but only differnce is that payment will be after use instead of before. Related report to this Section will be remained unill you take the bill into account.

       Game Login: Specific Clients with gaming purpose should be opened according to Game Based Fixation Table

       Logout: If the PC was in use, logout takes it to the waiting stuation. If the PC was in use more than one minute than charge of this usage will ve transmit to the Unclosed Payments

       Change PC:
It is a transfer of a PC which was in use by a client to another PC which is specified by you. Total usage of that PC and all orders which is made by that PC will be transferred to another table. For further information please click here.


 Take the Bill: Suspends the Client and calculates all charge of usage price and orders made by the user. Keep in your mind that Unclosed bill of this table in CURRENT PROCESSS Section will be calculated and added to all total bill.

     Time Extention; It is used for giving more time to a PC which is opened for a limited time. At same time, time extention of your members whom made a login with their name or paswords can be extended in this Section. Necessity of this specialty is that some of your registered members will be able to extend their duration by asking to the authorized person cafe without leaving PC.





    In the Connections > Symbolic tab you can control many properties of the Client PCs. Right clicking over any Client PC icon will bring on a pop up window with available options. From the Client Properties sub menu you are able to choose the available manipulations for the Client PC.

Screenshot: will take the picture of the Client's screen so that Administrator can verify if the Client is violating some rules e.g. viewing porn content.

Volume Control: will adjust the volume of the client in case he/she is annoying other customers.

Browse: displays network shared objects of the selected PC.

Terminate Active Application: as it says will end the current application on the user's screen.

Close All Applications: as it says will end all applications.

Enable System Keys: enables windows system key combinations on the Client PC

Disable System Keys: disables windows system key combinations on the Client PC

Hide Sart Button: hides Windows start button

Show Sart Button: shows Windows start button

Hide Taskbar: hides Windows taskbar

Show Taskbar: shows Windows taskbar

Kill Client: closes the EasyCafe software on the Client PC

System Restrictions: Brings a menu that controls all system restrictions on the selected PC or all PCs

Client Update: brings a dialog box with options to update EasyCafe Client Software on the Client PCs over the network.


Connections > System Menu

Login all PCs: Enables all Client PCs to reach the Intenet.

Logout all PCs: Disables all Client PCs to reach the Intenet.(Blockes all )

User Logoff: logs out the current client and transfers his account to Unpayed Transitions

Shut Down Remote PC: Permanently shuts down selected PC.

Reboot PC: resets selected Client PC.

Shutdown Waiting PCs: Shuts down all PCs which are in waiting position. In this way you will not be spending 10-15 minutes to shut down your all PCs one by one in your cafe. In this command only suspended PCs will be shut down and not others which are in use.

Reboot all PCs: reboots all Client PCs whitout making any discrimination.

Shutdown all PCs: shuts down all Client PCs whitout making any discrimination.

Shut Down all PCs by Time: shuts down all Client PCs in determined time. Users will be warned each minute until the shutdown.

Connections Relogin

Whenever this icon recived, it means that, PC was logged in for limited time but shutdown or restart occured for some reason without any consent it was out of use before end of limited time. In such cases Relogin the user form yhe right click menu. Client PC will be re-oppened again for use of the same user untill to end of limited time.



Connection > Details   

  In Connection > Details view you can make the same operations which are stated in symbolics view such as Login, Logout, Restart all or Shut down all. At the same time all information about client's PCs and and all details can be transmitted to the Administrator. In this view is possible to get Ip Adress , active processs in Client PC, starting time, PC name or user name and other info.

     In this view you can get all information about client's current processes in detail.In additon you can see prohibited web site entries and can close those windows without asking client or you can end all processes at oncel.







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