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Since 15 May 2001
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Transactions tab is the place where unclosed accounts are hold. If any user suffers crash or power down his account is automaticly tarnsferrred to the unclosed accouts. After the user's problem is solved PC can be logged in again. When the user finishes his/her work the account will display the sum of the usage before and after the crash. This way you avoid any loses arising from crashes or power downs. One thing administrator must care about is not holding any unclosed account except the accounts that suffer crash or power down problems.

   In case of enterance any bill to Unclosed Accounts you are able to charge it as a cash loose or extra bill. Suspended bills in Unclosed Accounts move on the bill and make a right click if payment will be given, say calculate the bill, if no, command as a cash loose. Cash loose bills will be kept in reports as a cash loose too.

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