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Since 15 May 2001
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EasyCafe Client is an application which is necassary to be installed on all client's PCs. Please click here for more information about client installation. After installation EasyCafe Client communicates with the EasyCafe Server and transmits all neceserry information about client's PC ( such as Ip adress, PC or User name ect..) Server PC pings its clients each 15 seconds and updates the data. If there was no any reply to the ping form client within 45 seconds ( 3 pngs ) Server will mark that PC as unreacable and will not be able to control client or calculate it's account.

Another purpose of Client is to supply correct information about starting time, used time, orders and orders' situations during the client usage. There is no matter if client was anonymous or member. After insallation of Client you will be able to manage all PCs and manage all accounts easily.

       All PCs will be blocked for any kinf of usage after installation of EasyCafe Client and nobody can use the PC without permission form EasyCafe Server or logged in by registered user or administrator. Registered users can use any PC by logging in using their user name and pasword. Pasword of administrator enables you to enter and configure the PC. After configuration logout by clicking on logout. button PC will be suspended again.

Only Administrator or Member users can login PC directly. For anonymous users PC must be logged in from the Server. Members can login by clicking on the bottom part of the screen. After Member have entered his/her username and password he/she can use the PC freely. Server will clculate and reduce used time from the Member's credit.


When a registered user logins the PC the EasyCafe Client interface will appear on the screen. User can hide this interface by clicking the Hide button. Use F12 or double click on the taskbar to call the interface back.

Logout button will logout the member and will show login screen.

Options button appears only in Administrator mode allowing administrator to control several properties of the Client PC.

Order Menu will show user the items available to order. User can choose item and quantity to order.

Billing Info will show current bill of the user.

Clients can order any product of cafe Order Menu directly. Please click here for how to enter cafe products into Sever. Clients can see all list of cafe items by clicking on Order Menu button e.g. coffee, tea, cook, hamburger etc. When any order made is by client it will notice the cashier by voice and cofee cup icon for the ordring PC.


Users can see their bill by clicking on Billing Info button.

Member users must logout by clicking Logout button. Otherwise their accounts can be used by the next user.

When login is made with administrator pasword to EasyCafe client ( user name is TINASOFT, Pasword is EASYCAFE at first installation. Do not forget to change it) you can find some informations in client's settings. These informations are Ip adress, administrator login pasword, and restrictions for the client.


Administrator can change his pasword form Server or Client PC. Administrator can control several restrictions on the Client PC. After all settings are done click on save button and logout. If you want to diable EasyCafe Client click on Uninstall button. Next time you boot that PC EasyCafe Client will not start. To start it again run C:\Program Files\Tinasoft\EasyCafe\Client.exe. Next time you boot that PC it will start EasyCafe Client automaticly.

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