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Since 15 May 2001
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    EasyCafe Internet Cafe Client Program Setup file must be run by double clicking. ( If you dont have EasyCafe Installation Packet please click here for download ). First step is to click on Read Me First ! statement when it is seen on secreen. In pop up window you will find some default paswords which will be needed after installation is complete.

Important Warning for EasyCafe

For Clients:
2. 1. EasyCafe User Name : TINASOFT
3. 2. EasyCafe Client Pasword: EASYCAFE

This name and pasword are Client login paswords. Later on these passwords can be changed form server or any client'c PC with adminictrator paswords.

   You continue to install by clicking on Easy Client Load. (This loadings must be done form all client's PCs which you have in your cafe.) for each window please click on NEXT button and comlete installation.

For the first time use you will be asked for IP adress of the Server. In SERVER IP window you must write EasyCafe server's IP adress. After writing server's IP adress say OK and installation will be complete. After EasyCafe client blocks PC and bans use, PC will be visible in EasyCafe Server's Connections tab.

This way all client's PC will be introduced to Easycafe server. If there is no installation of EasyCafe Client on the client PC, it is impossible to manage that PC by the server. It is not necessary to give fixed IP to client's PCs.

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