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Since 15 May 2001
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    Accounts section is the part where you process member users' accounts. When an EasyCafe server is installed for first time and when all clients are introduced to server there will be a user card for each Client PC. Remain time limitation will be high as default. However you should increase this limitation manually as it depletes. This is specially purposed to avoid uncontrolled usage of Client PCs. When you install new PC with Client software Server will open a new user card for the new PC automaticly. Attention: never remove user cards of the Client PCs.

      Membership Registration

You can also open user cards for your continious users. Membership cards van be either prepaid or afterpaid. For adding a new member first fill necessery fields on the form and click Add (+) button. The new member will be able to use any Client PC according to the credit he payed. Credit limit shows the credit in muey units and not in time units. The member is free to add more credit by applying to the cashier. Each member can benefit from different payment shedule either prepaid or afterpaid. If user pays on the start of the account you should chek Charge Free radio button.

Default Price will calculate credit according to default Client price.

Member Price will calculate credit according to the price entered in the Hrs. Price box.

Price By Days will calculate the credit according to the Price By Days table in the System Parameters/Price List menu.

Price By Time Usage will calculate thecredit according to Price By Time Usage table in the System Parameters/Price List menu.

  There is a possibility to open account for afterpaid membership. The account form is filled as prepaid membership with only difference that remain time is set to high number e.g. 999999. Member uses his account with his own username and passwords and pays on appointed date.

     Past Graphics in Accounts:

     These garphs show usage performance of the members over the time. Administartor or cashiers can monitor graphs for each Client PC or member.

 In this section you can monitor all past user action with extended details. You can see internet history, usage times. and the cashier on duty at given time. This section can be used to make strategies for improving performance or to track any suspicious behaviour.

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