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Since 15 May 2001
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In connectins section and sybolics part there is a duty and definition of icons. These are explained in a table which is given as below;

     Chair Icon indicates that PC is operated Administartor. When this icon appears it means that Pc was opened with administrator pasword. There is no any possibilty to intervene to administrator from EasyCafe server. easyCafe can not make any charge fixation and can not make an account for usage time. The PC logged in by manager it must be logged out by manager too. EasyCafe has no any control or influence over a Pc which is operated by administrator.

     If there is a red Pc icon it means that Pc is out of function. That Pc may be locked, net work cable may be out or easycafe application is ended or closed totally for any reason.

If any client become out of function during operation, user's account automatically will be closed and existed charge will be added to unclosed usage price by EasyCafe server. EasyCafe server stops charging the account. EasyCafe server can not control this client. EasyCafe cient application must be restarted from the Client PC.

      If this icon appears it means that this Pc is not in use and is free waiting clients. It is impossible to use the PC without knowledge of EasyCafe administrator and/or cashier. Without of your consent no body can use this PC Except members who has right to open system and operate with their own account's user name and pasword.

     this icon shows you that PC in use of anonymous user and time processing is in use. Time process will continue untill the user or system administrator logouts or untill depletion of assigned credit. In case Easycafe server uses default settings users can use unlimited time as they wish. But if limited time restriction is present EasyCafe server logouts Client automotically at the end of the assigned time credit.



     This icon shows you that Pc was openned for previously specified time and it will be logged out by EasyCafe server automotically when limited time credit depletes. Clock icon will be replaced by hourglass in the last 5 minutes of usage.


     This icon shows you that Client was openned for a limited time and logout occured for any reason before limited time ends. E.g. if Client was opened for 30 minutes but logout or reset occured after ten minutes for any reason. There is still time for clientand it may be used by relogin from PC. In case this symbol appears relogin menu will be activated at the server. The Client can be opened for the usage of remained time of user by the relogin menu. Right of relogin can not be transferred or accumulated. If the Client is openned normally or by any pasword user except relogin way, relogin process will be disabled. For further information please click here.


     Your clients can order food drink or any other good from their EasyCafe Clients. This icon shows you that there are some orders placed by a client in your cafe. The text under the icon shows which Client puts the order. In this case Client 07. The charge of the order is added to the user's current charge. Administrator or cashier can deliver or cancel the order. The icon will remain the same until the order is delivered or cancelled.


     When this icon appears it means that PC is operated by a registered member and he/she used his own name and own pasword to login. User is able to use until the dedicated credit depletes. Registrated clients do not have to wait until credit finishes. EasyCafe server will be reducing his/her time from the credit in membership card.


     When this icon appears it means that a user tries to reach a web site or application registrated in the blacklist. If Administrator wishes to end this process he can terminate the violating application or can terminate all programs running on the Client

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