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Since 15 May 2001
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When there is no empty PC in your cafe new comers will be wating for their turn. For that purpose on behalf of you EasyCafe makes a proper distrubution between all PCs or special, selected or first emptied PCs without causing any disorder among clients by registering clients name in EasyCafe Server.

How to line up a client;

First of all click on Wait Queue button in iconic shortcuts. It is shown with a red arrow in figure. When you write down client name in appeared window client will be added to waiting list.


If your client is waiting for specific PC you have to select N/A as a special PC name and select that PC this case when the PC becomes free your client will be placed there. In other cases EasyCafe will be putting your client into first place which is emptied first.

When a cilent placed in a free PC, client name will be appearing on the secreen and cafe manager will be warned by EasyCafe server so that, client name will be canceal from waiting list automatically.

Lining up system is based on arrival time, in case of changing the lines between client just change the arrival or enter times.

There is no any technical limitation for lining up the clients in waiting list. You are able to line up them all as much as you wish.

Lining up process enters into force after a calculation of client bill. In case of logout process by himself or by manager, client will not be placed for any free computer.

Logout of a userdoes not means to leave the system, may be it was a result of mistaken logout. But calculation of a bill is certain process and therefore shows a free computer place for certainly. For this reason normal lining up process will be activated only when a bill is calculated by EasyCafe.

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