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Since 15 May 2001
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During the first run of the EasyCafe Server System parameters must be entered to the system.

A)Administration Settings:

Here you can define

Minimum Cost per login. This is the price your customers will pay for short usages. If the price paid for given time is less than Minimum Cost EasyCafe will calculate it as Minimum Cost.

Round is a setting that will round all charges to the round value and its times.

Hrs. Price is the standart price your customers will pay per hour.

Game Price is for customers who play games and do not connect to the internet. These customers can organize LAN games but can not play on internet game servers.

EasyCafe comes with default administrator password "EASYCAFE". Allowing all staff to use the same password may be disadvantageous. Administartors should define separate restricted passwords for cashiers. This will allow administrator to have separate reports for each cashier's in and out flow. If you wish any cashier to be able to see the reports chek Authorized chekbox.

       EasyCafe is able to produce cashier based reports in a daily balance register as well as in other reports. So that it will be easy to monitor performance.

B) Server Settings

     You are able to change EasyCafe server fonts in EasyCafe server fonts part. You can choose your font size and style as you wished.


a) CONNECTIONS part permits or prohibits ability of users PCs to reach to the users PCs client properties.
b) CONNECTİONS part permits or prohibits ability of users PCs to system properties.
c) Permits or prohibits to recieve of clients secreen image by EasyCafe server.

Indicator Type

     Supplys some different forms when appears on secreen during bill calculation. There are 3 alternatives you can choose which is more favourable for you.

Symbol Sizes

     It gives you an ability to choose symbols of users PCs in diffrent icon size and vision qualityn in connections section. There are three kind of alternatives. 32 X 32 determines smallest size icons 80 X 80 determines biggest icons and visual quality.

End all programs when it was logout
If you mark this box, whenever you Pc logouts and applications during logout time, all process will be ended by EasyCafe server and windows will be brought to as newly started position.

Load the beginning
If you mark this box, when windows system process be started EasyCafe server will be processed automatically.


      You are able to write some words such as sex, porno, gay, lesbian ect. So that you will be able to prevent users from entring to prohibited web sites by a special icon which will be shovn you in EasyCafe server. if you wish you can warn user by sending a message or you can end program directly without any warning from programs section. In this way, by EasyCafe you will be able to keep unwanted or prohibited web sites totally under your control.






      With the Easycafe system you are able to fix your price as you like in every it is written in the mangement regulations there are two different kind of standart fixation in Easycafe Software Management program ; Game Play and Internet Use. In addition to two, you are also able to fix your special price in membership cards and for every member.

      In this Section, you will be able to make some promotions, to fix more complicated and special price fixations. Whenever you intruduce your price fixation, even more complicated one, for once only, than easycafe will be caculating your all account on behalf of you.

Day Based Charging Price Fixation ;

      In case of marking on this price fixation alternatively, you will be able to fix your charging price seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day separately. Let us suppose that you want to fix your charging price according to weekends, week days and additionally hours in a day separetely.

For example;
During week days between 09:00 - 12:59 hrs charging price is X $between 13:00 - 18:59 hrs cahrging price is X $and form 19:00 to closing time X $. Secondly; during weekend between 09:00 - 14:59 charging price is X $and form 15:00 to closing time charging price is X $.

       In this case, we have to establish our Monday charging price at first, for that purpose please move your mouse on Monday column and select all lines form 09:00 to 13:00 hrs as usual we do on windows by keeping to clicking on left button on the mouse.Whenever you make right click on marked alcoves (boxes) you will be seeing "please enter your fixation reference" clause. Click on and write down 400.000 on the box which is appeared by clicking on than say OK. After that please select form 13:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs lines and write down 600. 000 as we did in previous one and you do same selection form 19:00 to the end and make right clik and enter your fixation reference and write down 800.000 and say OK.

Please apply same process to 4 separate columns for other 4 days, and for weekends too by determining the charging price fixxation as defined before after all please click on save button.

Now, EasyCafe will be able to account your client accounts as you mantioned in charge fixation table.

Charging Price Fixation Policy

Time Based Fixation of Charging Price :

     In case of choosing Time Based Payment you have to fix price Per day separately due to your client usage time and determine accounting table. To make it clear, this alternative payment is more suitable for those cafes which are making discount to their client who has more usage at one time

     For example:
Let us suppose your charge is X $ per hour, but after one hour for second hour it will be X $, than for 3rd hour will be X $, than for other additional usage hour it will be X $. Most important thing in this example is that, example was according to 5 minutes time segment based, but we will be taking 15 minutes segment based as a smallest time segment. You can choose your time segment whatever is most convenient in your own cafe.

     First of all, please click on Alternative Payment Table form System Parameters Menu. Than you choose Time Based Payment. You will be seeing an empty table. Please mark on the box of Time Based Payment. After that you are able to select any smallest time segment form 5 to 60 minutes via vertical bar on the left. When you make move up and down on vertical line, time gaps will be changed automatically.

Sms and Logo sending adjustments:

After the EasyCafe Free Usage serial number is taken, in order to make use of EasyCafe SMS services, first of all it is necessary to open an account from Tinalogo which is another service of Tinasoft.You can open this account by clicking on here. The usage of this account for sms and logo sending will be possible by entering the information existing in System parameters>sms part in EasyCafe server program.Each EasyCafe owner cafe has a registeration number.All the accounts are being given according to these registration numbers. In this situation the registration key(XX) given by Tinasoft must be written in the Account Name part.The password entered while opening the account is written.This password can be changed from the personal information part later on by entering the system.

In the Pricing part information like for how much money will these services be given must be written.The prices here are completely left to the cafe owner's initiative.As the costs of these services to the cafe owner are definite, the cafe owner will serve the customers adding a profit margin on the costs. Later on clicking on the save button the process is completed.From now on it is possible to make use of sms or other services by one button from all of the client pc's.

For wider information about the usage of this service click here.

In case of running out of contour or when there is a need to buy contour you enter the My Sms Account part in the System Parameters in the EasyCafe Server program and click on the View button at the bottom. As long as the User name and the Password are correct information about the sms account and detail reports will come here. From the part appearing in this page it is possible to buy contour via credit card or bank transfer.In the case of changing or forgetting the password again entering this part the necessary processes can be done very quickly.

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