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Sms and logo services in clients with EasyCafe :

EasyCafe clients have become richer by the addition of the sms and logo services.And therefore some changes have been made in the menu.These changes consist of parts such as sms message, operator logo, group graphic, pictured message and melody.After the processes that the cafe administrator makes in the system parameters part in the EasyCafe server, all the services in this menu will be ready for use.


SMS Sending Message :

When clicked on this button a window that is neccessary for sending sms message will appear.In this window the message that will be sent and the phone number that it will be sent are written, then the send button is clicked on after writing what is wished to be written in the sending operator part.In case there isnothing written in the sending operator part this message seems to the sent person as it is from "EasyCafe".

After the send button is clicked on a confirmation window will appear.After this is confirmed some information about the look of the message and how much fee will be added to the account willappear.If they are confirmed the sent message will reach to its place in a few seconds whichever the gsm network in the world it is sent to.In case it did not reach or could not be sent a message telling that it could not be sent will appear and nofees will be added to the customer's account.

Also these messages are made much richer by Blink message or flash message options.

Sending Operator Logo :

Sending operator logo from the client has also been made very easy.It has been made possible that in the opening window a person can send his/her self-designed logo or any logo that he/she chose from the list loaded in the system before to any phone number he/she wants to.In order to do this the list button in the window is clicked on and one of the logos that are divided into various categories is chosen.The chosen logo is mounted automatically into the phone clause as how it will be seen on the phone.The user can shape this chosen logo as he/she wants by making changes on it and can also watch this in the phone clause simultaenously.

Later on the phone number that the logo will be sent is defined, in the sending operator part a name or whatever is wanted to be written about the sending person is written and the sending button is clicked on. If the sending operator part is left empty it will go as from "EasyCafe". After the send button is clicked on a confirmation window appears and after this is confirmed there will appear some information about how much will this service write to the user's account. After this part is also confirmed the logo will be sent and the sending confirmation will come.

Sending Pictured Message :

This part provides sending pictured messages composed by adding a message to the picture which is self-drawn or chosen from the list just like in sending operator logo. The picture that is liked to be sent is chosen from the list and the message that is liked to be sent together with the picture is written and as soon as the send button is clicked on the pictured message will be sent to the phone number that it is wanted to be sent.





Sending Melody :

It is also possible to transfer melody from the client to the phones which have supporting networks.For this melody sending button is clicked on and list button is clicked on in the opening window Here pre-prepared melodies are found in categories.These melodies can be chosen by being listened to one by one and after the liked melody is chosen just like in the other processes it is sent to the wanted number. In a few seconds the chosen melody will reach to the wanted number. Also the rithym of the chosen melody can be adjusted from the list.And the best thing is that the melody can be listened before sending.






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