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Since 15 May 2001

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and start to administrate your internet cafe easily with EasyCafe

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EasyCafe is available in over than 150 countries.

There is no limitation in terms of language or support to the new version of EasyCafe 2.0 You will maximize your profits and you will minimize your losses, your customer satisfaction will increase meanwhile your time wastage will decrease with EasyCafe.

With EasyCafe client 2.0 You can restrict all access and functions of your PC's including;
Network Restrictions, Control panel Restrictions, My Computer Restrictions, Ms-Dos Restrictions and many others.
At the internet cafes that are using EasyCafe the customers enjoy their time during their stay, while leaving without any problems for the Cafe Managers.

Excellent Control System

EasyCafe supplies unbelievable control to the managers. EasyCafe makes it possible to turn on and off all the computers from the server, You can check user applications and terminate them. You can also restrict minors from accessing pages which include violence or adult material

You can restart and reboot all the computers ore one by one without leaving your PC. But the most important of all, EasyCafe client application is uncrashable, fully protected from users interferences and it informs to managers of any possible faults or/and actions of the clients.


It is not possible to use any of the computers without the knowledge of cafe managers and all actions are logged. Clients may also use the PC's within a defined time limitation. Clients can prepay and use their credit hours in different time periods with their own usernames and passwords.

EasyCafe is so SAFE and EASY that all current accounts, records and usage logs are kept, which makes it available to seperate the accounts at the multi-cashier internet cafes. So it makes it easier for the administrator to keep in track of those accounts. It is also possible to receive all previous revenue graphs and current accounts.

Not for Notwork(!) for network.

EasyCafe is designed for networks with minimum requirements. EasyCafe is fast and does not bring extra traffic to your network. EasyCafe is fast. It saves you a lot of time. EasyCafe is powerfull and you can receive many reports quickly which you need. EasyCafe is easy to use. You will have no difficulties, nor time wastage. All operations can be done with ONE CLICK.

Most important of All

EasyCafe is inexpensive, You do not have to pay a fortune for it.

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